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Jiangsu Tianfeng Seed Co. Ltd. is a modern high-tech seed company based in Jiangsu province and specializes in seed breeding research, production, distribution and extension. It is the leading seed company in HuaiAn city, and the company’s president is also the vice chairman of the Jiangsu Seed Industry Association. ‘Tian Feng’ is a well-known and famous seed brand in HuaiAn city and Jiangsu province respectively, and the company has been awarded the title of ‘Trustworthy Seed Sale Company’.
Tianfeng Seed Co. Ltd. was established in 2005, with investigation from Huaian Agricultural Science Company (affiliated to Huaiyin Institute of Agricultural Science, Huaiyin district, Jiangsu province) and private investigation from Huaian Agricultural Science Company’s employees. It is authorized for management and sales of hybrid seeds. In 2015, the company underwent reconstruction, and currently its shareholders include Huaiyin Institute of Agricultural Science (Huaiyin district, Jiangsu province), Huaian Qibing Seed Company, the Seed Industry Fund of Jiangsu province and natural person.
Tianfeng’s main products are conventional rice and wheat seeds, as well as hybrid corn seeds, such as rice seed Huairu12, Huaidao5, Huaidao18, Sidao15; wheat seed Huaimai23, Huaimai26, Huaimai28, Huaimai29, Huaimai30, Huaimai33, Huaimai39; hybrid corn seed Suyu42 and Tianyu88.
Tianfeng’s management team has always put science and technology development as one of its key development strategies. It has investigated in establishing Work Station for members of Chinese Academy of Science, Suhuai Cooperative, and Tianfeng Institute of Agricultural Science. It has collaborations with Yangzhou University, Huaian Institute of Agricultural Science and Shanghai Jiao Tong University to breed and develop new varieties of rice, wheat and corn.
Tianfeng has been funded dozens of research and development projects at national, Ministry of Agriculture, provincial, and city levels, such as the Chinese Government Funds for Promotion of Agricultural technologies, Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Project of Jiangsu Province, Healthy Cereal Breeding cooperative project between Chinese and Australian governments, Jiangsu Province Portfolio Investment in Scientific and technological Innovation, and Huai'an branch store of Jiangsu Province Agricultural Science and Technology Service Supermarkets for Countryside.
The company has a robust product demonstration, marketing and sales network, with more than 500 sales outlets in Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan provinces and other regions.
At Tianfeng, we produce heavenly blessed seeds that bring everyone good harvest.